This Halloween, Don’t Get Spooked by Your Electricity Bill

Halloween is the time for trick-or-treaters, horror movies and ghost stories. But one thing that shouldn’t scare you this holiday is your electricity bill. It’s easy for electricity use to… Read more »


Energy Policies in the 2016 Presidential Election

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R) are at opposite ends of most political issues, and energy is certainly one of them. In the second heated presidential debate,… Read more »


Climate Week Highlights New York’s Leadership in Protecting the Planet

It’s Climate Week in New York City. Global and national leaders are here to discuss how to address climate issues, and this year they do so in the context of… Read more »


The Cloud’s Green Lining

If every cloud has a silver lining, than Apple’s is green. The technology leader was recently granted a federal designation as an electricity wholesale seller, a designation held by other… Read more »

Robust Optimization-Based Scheduling of Multi-Microgrids Considering Uncertainties

Do Microgrids Hold Power for the Future?

In an announcement earlier this month, the Town of Mount Kisco, New York proposed a community microgrid that would strengthen their power supply, which has suffered numerous power outages in… Read more »

Wind Project Must Beat Resistance to Reach Energy Goals

Governor Cuomo has set a high goal for renewables to produce 50 percent of New York’s energy by 2030, and with that objective comes the challenge to actually generate this… Read more »

Consider the Facts When Discussing Indian Point

On June 30, 112 activist groups wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo opposing subsidies for upstate nuclear power plants, calling nuclear energy “dangerous, costly and dirty.” The letter further attacked… Read more »

Update on 18-a Assessment

How much are New Yorkers taxed for their energy?

From Buffalo to Bay Shore, New Yorkers pay among the highest electricity costs in the country—thanks to the raft of direct and hidden electricity taxes that compose approximately 25 percent… Read more »


Cheaper electricity isn’t cheaper when Albany pumps up our bills

Energy production has been much cheaper over the last several years, largely due to the flood of natural gas onto the market thanks to fracking. Bloomberg says the price of… Read more »

Transmission lines

Billions more for less reliable power is too high a price for CES success

What’s the price of success? When it comes to Governor Cuomo’s Clean Energy Standard, this is the question that should be considered by the Public Service Commission (PSC) which holds… Read more »